• Sim Bim Cakes

    The very first organic and fair-trade cakes that can be conjured - poof! - directly from the glass onto the plate! Or you can eat them directly from the glass with a spoon.

    Sim Bim cakes taste as if they had been freshly baked and are even better if you heat them up briefly, according to instructions. Then the small chocolate pieces melt and it smells enticingly of chocolate.

    The shelf life of Sim Bim cakes is 1 year - entirely without preservatives, simply by bottling them. You can finally store a cake supply in your basement and always have a sweet cake surprise ready for birthdays, your mother-in-law, friends and invitations. Completely stress-free and with a magical effect. Sim Bim cakes are a sweet gift idea - a cake in a glass, directly for eating - it is the perfect surprise!

    P.S. Small cake - small household: Sim Bim cakes are of course ideal for one-person households.

    Sim Bim Cakes, organic + fair
    100 g cake in a glass
    Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date