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    gluten-free alcohol free

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    Product description

    Chocolate subscription content for November and December 2019 (content not selectable):

    • 2 Christmas Minis
    • Hand-scooped: Ho ho ho
    • Hand-scooped: Pieces of Pure Joy
    • Labooko: The Nut Cracker
    • Nashis Christmas Tree Decorations: Variation Milk
    • Chocolate - Minis: For Sweet Angels
    • Chocolate - Minis: Yuzu
    • Lolly: White Angel
    • Mitzi Blue: Starry Sky
    • Drinking Chocolate: Winter Magic
    • Nutting Hill bar

    Filling with reservation! Depending on availability of products, the filling might deviate.

    Information about the chocolate subscription 

    The first delivery (gift wrapped in one of our Zotter gift boxes) is sent out within 3 working days of your order! 

    The next 4 partial deliveries will be sent out in two-months intervals (except from June to mid/end of September) but will not be sent in a gift box!

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