• Chocolate Spirit 0.5l

    lactose free vegan more than 2% alcoholic content

    59,30 € incl. 20.00% Tax

    Product description

    The infamous pleasure pioneers from Riegersburg, Alois Gölles and Josef Zotter, create high%age chocolate pleasure.

    Chocolate Spirit is distilled directly from gently roasted cocoa beans and chocolate. The first-class Zotter blend has a racy, strong and bitter chocolate taste. With fine roasting aromas and a dense, long-lasting breath. For clear-thinkers and flavour aesthetes. Carefully distilled in a copper kettle, with 43% alcohol by volume.

    Available only with German packaging!

    Note: Since the delivery of alcoholic beverages may not be made to minors, we reserve the right to an age check before delivery of the article.

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