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Lactose-free chocolate and more

Josef Zotter has set up a special in-house research centre where, together with Birgit Schellenbacher, he is redefining vegan and lactose-free chocolate and creating new types of chocolate that are healthy, environmentally-friendly and full of flavour and will offer a greater variety and choice of chocolate.

All dark chocolate varieties are vegan and lactose-free anyway since they consist only of cocoa and raw cane sugar and contain no milk at all. Milk and white chocolate varieties pose more of a challenge. The trick is to replace the milk content...read more and create completely new 100% plant-based varieties that taste just as good. The new avant-garde of vegan varieties shows great promise and has lost any whiff of selfrighteous self-denial. Instead what consumers get is a choice of innovative premium quality 100% plant-based varieties ranging from white to milk chocolate that are made from buckwheat, golden millet, rice or soy beans and contain no milk at all.

Each variety has got its own unique taste because at Zotter we are committed to diversity and pride ourselves on offering that very diversity and choice in our vegan and lactose-free range.
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Placeholder Cranberry & Hemp Cranberry & Hemp NEW
Placeholder Cranberry in Cacao Cranberry in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Goji Berries in Sesame Goji Berries in Sesame
Placeholder For Busy Ones For Busy Ones
Placeholder Praline Layers Praline Layers
Placeholder Hazelnut Brittle Hazelnut Brittle
Placeholder Hemp Bonbon Hemp Bonbon
Placeholder Walnut Praline Walnut Praline
Placeholder Coconut + Marzipan Coconut + Marzipan
Placeholder White Brittle White Brittle
Placeholder Boozy Chocolate Mousse Boozy Chocolate Mousse
Placeholder Granola + Fruit Granola + Fruit
Placeholder Date & Cashew Date & Cashew NEW
Placeholder Tangerine, Matcha and Coconut Tangerine, Matcha and Coconut NEW
Placeholder Plum & Hazelnut Plum & Hazelnut NEW
Placeholder Cranberry Cranberry NEW
Placeholder Stone Pine & Cranberry Stone Pine & Cranberry NEW
Placeholder For the Best Employee in the World! For the Best Employee in the World! NEW
Placeholder Zotter 05 "Vegan Variety" Zotter 05 "Vegan Variety" NEW
Placeholder Raspberry Coconut & Raspberries Raspberry Coconut & Raspberries
Placeholder Cranberry & Cranberries Cranberry & Cranberries
Placeholder Hazelnut Whole Nuts Hazelnut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Brazil Nut Whole Nuts Brazil Nut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Pecan Nut Whole Nuts Pecan Nut Whole Nuts

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