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    Product information leaflet for your story • optional

    Personalised Design: Choco shots in syringes • 12 ml

    The image boost with fun factor

    Sublime, pure Zotter fillings in syringes get you a delicious kick without any distractions or side effects. These syringes come in packaging reminiscent of medication. The indulgent over-the-counter regimen is a blast for all medical personnel as well as civilians! All ingredients are of course ORGANIC + FAIR.

    Your individual CHOCOshot packaging improves your image quickly and reliably, without risk or side effects! We are also happy for you to design the product information leaflet.

    Hard Facts

    Minimum order: 100 pieces
    Delivery: 12 - 15 working days (from order confirmation and print approval)
    Flavours: 3 different flavour variations
    Shelf life:  minimum 5 months from production date 
    Storage Instructions: Chocoshots have to be stored in the refrigerator.  
    Measurements, packaging: L: 170 mm x W: 32 mm x H: 20 mm 
    Packaging: Card Arktika, 300 g

    Prices & Printing Charges

    CHOCOshots 12 ml

    100 – 249 pieces: 2,07 € net/per piece
    250 – 999 pieces: 1,94 € net/per piece
    1.000 pieces: 1,82 € net/per piece

    Printing costs / per design

    100 pieces: 184,- € net/total
    250 pieces  203,- € net/total
    500 pieces: 241,- € net/total
    1.000 pieces: 342,- € net/total
    2.000 pieces: 507,- € net/total

    Printing costs product information leaflet / per design

    1.000 product information leaflet: 230,- € net/total

    Template to Download

    Chocoshots template InDesign
    Chocoshots template PDF

    Product information leaflet (optional)

    Leaflet Chocoshots template InDesign
    Leaflet Chocoshots template PDF

    • Please always save the template including its 3mm bleed.
    • Background colour: anything but white is a good idea, because it gets dirty too easily. If you still want white after all, we won’t assume liability and an exchange or replacement will not be possible.
    • Do not save the diecut in the background.

    Your Flavour Selection

    Disinfection (alc.)
    Disinfection (alc.)
    Broad-spectrum antidepressant (alc.)
    Broad-spectrum antidepressant (alc.)
    Nut Treatment
    Nut Treatment

    Ordering & Contact

    Ms. Stefanie Pendl will be responsible for your order and will be happy to give advice and take care of your individual chocoshot edition.

    Please let Ms. Pendl know the following details via email:

    • Quantity (number of syringes) 
    • Chocoshot flavour
    • Your design (printable pdf) 
    • Delivery address
    • Billing address 

    Ms. Stefanie Pendl
    Tel.: +43-(0)3152-5554-3208