• Personalised Design: Labooko Single
    Fine chocolates
    1 bar
    portrait or horizontal format

    Personalised Design: Labooko Single • 35 g

    Pure fine flavour chocolate as a single

    Labooko Singles are pure fine flavour chocolates and we offer them in the shape of high-percentage, dark single origin chocolates, delicious milk chocolates and tender-melting white chocolates. They are created with the best cocoa varieties in the world and turned into supreme single origin chocolates that have garnered many awards. In our Labooko range, you can also find delicious and intense fruit bars with an absolutely authentic fruit flavour and bright, stunning colours derived from the extremely high fruit content. And we have fabulous nut chocolates and nut bars decorated with pretty flower petals. All ingredients are of course ORGANIC + FAIR.

    You can design your Labooko Single box in a horizontal or a classic portrait format 

    Hard Facts

    Minimum order: 100 pieces 
    Delivery: 12 - 15 working days (from order confirmation and print approval)
    Flavours: 13 different flavour variations
    Shelf life: minimum 14 months from production date ( Fruit bars: minimum 10 months from production date)

    Measurements, chocolate: L: 123 x W: 51 x H: 6-7 mm

    Measurements, design area PORTRAIT: W: 51 x H: 112 mm

    Measurements, design area HORIZONTAL: W: 121 x H: 40 mm

    Paper: Cyclus Print, natural paper, 130 g  
    The inside of the packaging can be printed as well, at an additional charge
    Decorative colours and gold embossing: orders for larger batches of 1.000 and above and at an additional charge 
    Self-printing optional

    Prices & Printing Charges

    Labooko Single 35 g

    100 – 299 pieces: 1,52 € net / per piece
    300 – 699 pieces: 1,43 € net / per piece
    700 – 999 pieces: 1,34 € net / per piece
    1.000 pieces: 1,26 € net / per piece

    Printing costs / per design

    100 – 299 pieces: 0,81 € net / per piece
    300– 699 pieces: 0,41 € net / per piece
    700 – 999 pieces: 0,22 € net / per piece
    1.000 pieces: 207,00 € net / total
    Each further batch of 1.000: 25,00 € net / per batch of 1.000

    OPTIONAL: Printing costs inside 

    b/w (1c): 1 - 1.000 pieces: 42,00 € net / total
    colour (4c): 1 - 1.000 pieces: 105,00 € net / total
    Each further batch of 1.000: 21,00 € net / total

    Extra charge special colours (5c):1 - 1.000 pieces: 85,00 € net / total
    Each further batch of 1.000: 30,00 € net / total

    Template to Download

    Labooko Single template portrait InDesign
    Labooko Single template portrait PDF
    Inside Single portrait PDF

    Labooko Single template horizontal Indesign
    Labooko Single template horizontal PDF
    Inside Single 
    horizontal PDF

    • Please always save the template including its 3mm bleed.
    • We designed the background of our templates in black. You don’t have to keep this colour but can choose your own – anything but white is a good idea, because it gets dirty too easily. If you still want white after all, we won’t assume liability and an exchange or replacement will not be possible.

    Your Flavour Selection

    Dark Single Origin Chocolates

    70% Peru Criollo • vegan
    70% Peru Criollo • vegan
    60% Ecuador • vegan
    60% Ecuador • vegan

    Milk Chocolates

    50% Ecuador
    50% Ecuador
    40% Dominican Republic
    40% Dominican Republic
    35% Panama
    35% Panama

    From White Chocolate to Coffee

    Fine White Chocolate
    Fine White Chocolate
    Caramel Milk
    Caramel Milk
    Zotter Coffee
    Zotter Coffee

    Chocolates with Roses, Flowers or Fruit

    Almond Roses
    Almond Roses
    Cashew Praline with Meadow Flowers
    Cashew Praline with Meadow Flowers
    Coconut • vegan
    Coconut • vegan

    Ordering & Contact

    Ms. Stefanie Pendl will be responsible for your order and will be happy to give advice and take care of your individual chocolate edition.

    Please let Ms. Pendl know the following details via email:

    • Quantity (number of chocolate bars) 
    • Chocolate flavour
    • Your design (printable pdf) 
    • Delivery address
    • Billing address 

    Ms. Stefanie Pendl
    Tel.: +43-(0)3152-5554-3208


    Delivery boxes for your personalised chocolate

    Would you like to send your chocolates individually per snail mail but want to ensure they are safe and sound? Just order bespoke delivery boxes for your chocolate bars

    Delivery:5 - 8 working days
    Price: 0,50 € net (flat pack)/1,- € net (assembled with chocolate bar packed and ready to go))
    Measurements: W: 240 x H: 20 x D: 120 mm
    Material: outside: white, laminated, corrugated cardboard; inside: brown. Stable and light – easily and securely sealable.
    Includes space for your business card or greeting card