• Personal Edition: Nashis

    Eigene Edition Nashis
    • Selection of flavours: 5 different varieties
    • Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date
    • Minimum order quantity: 1000 pieces
    • Delivery time: 12 – 15 work days (from the confirmation of the offer and the printing release)
    • Natural paper, matt, 90 g
    • The inside of the package band may be printed for an additional charge
    • Self-print is not possible
    • Spot colours: for at least 1000 pieces and an additional charge

    Template for downloading

    Nashis 7 g
    Optionally as a PDF, EPS, InDesign or JPEG

    Indication:We have designed the background of the templates in the classical black which you do not need to adopt.

    Only the "Zotter" lettering needs to be maintained and the recipe field needs to be kept free.