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livestock . This means that not the most profitable animals but for a turn those animals whose meat tastes the most delicious will be raised here. Numerous breeds of livestock have completely disappeared

now • from € 4.75 Your individual bonbon box Compose your own individual bonbon box – to suit your taste. Choose from a range of big and small boxes and more than 60 different bonbon flavours. You can mix

butter melts. Liquid raw cocoa mass runs out of the ball mill. It looks like chocolate ... but it tastes extremely bitter. Sugar and milk give a kick to the mixture. The team has to lend a hand All the

Graz , in cooperation with Linzbichler sweet shop. Open from October, 20 th . Both shops feature tasting stations like Pater Noster, the Balleros caldron and our extremely popular chocolate fountain made

chocolate for simple baking needs. But if you want the real chocolate taste, real couverture is a must. Just try it and you will taste the difference! How to melt chocolate First things first: KEEP AWAY [...] Generally, couverture contains only the best cocoa beans and pure cocoa butter for a truly sophisticated taste. Its slow and careful manufacturing lets the flavour fully unfurl. Thanks to its finely ground texture

our production is already quite busy. In addition, chocolates are made on site for the various tasting stations, special editions for company gifts and, of course, the bundt cakes and tarts for the coffee