• Honey-Cured Ham

    lactose free gluten-free alcohol free

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    Product description

    100% free range and organic – straight from our Edible Zoo

    This is a lightly smoked and air-dried ham made from our happy hogs. It gets its special flavour by adding honey and nutmeg.

    This Schinkenspeck shows a moisture loss of around 30% of its original weight. Aged for at least 6 months.

    We call the pigs at our Edible Zoo „happy hogs“ because they are raised in the open air and are able to wallow in forest mud all year round. We raise Schwäbisch-Hällische Pigs as well as Mangalitza Pigs and Turopolje Pigs (both part of the Arche Austria programme for the preservation of rare native breeds). You can visit them all at our Edible Zoo.


    Zotter Organic Meat
    125 g per pack
    Shelf life: at +10 C° minimum 6 weeks from shipping date


    Ingredients: Pork° (shoulder), Atlantic sea salt, sodium nitrite curing salt (E 250), honey°, spices°, herbs°, ascorbic acid (antioxidant), naturally smoked

    °from certified organic cultivation/husbandry

    Nutritional information

    Energy kcal 328kcal
    Energy  kJ 1362kJ
    Fat 25g
    of which saturates10g
    of which sugar1g


    Nutrition / 100g (calculated according to literature data)

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