Eco-Management Award 2023


Zotter receives the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Award 2023 for best sustainable business development strategy. The award ceremony took place in Berlin.


»The jury recognises Zotter’s impressive sustainability strategy, which is very ambitious overall but at the same time shows a high level of implementation.

The strategy permeates throughout the entire company, internalised by its employees with a passion and realised through committed actions. It also goes above and beyond any legal requirements of sustainability reporting. The relevant SDGs are incorporated in all areas of the business, and there is a clear path towards energy conservation, which sits at 5% per year. Strategic dimensions are comprehensive and coupled with broad, thoughtful measures, inclusive of supply chains. Zotter also makes sustainability accessible to its customers through the Edible Zoo and the Chocolate Theatre.«

Photo: Christa Bierbaum, our environment officer, had the pleasure to receive the prize. ©BMUV/Christoph Wehrer

EMAS Eco-Management Award 2023EMAS Eco-Management Award 2023 Christa Bierbaum[Translate to English:] Umweltministerin Leonore Gewessler überreichte Michael Zotter und Christa Bierbaum die Urkunde © BMK / Cajetan Perwein

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