European Candy Award 2019


Josef Zotter is this year’s winner of the »European Candy Kettle Awards 2019«

Zotter among the Big Players
Since 1973, this award’s long and illustrious list of winners has featured the most important names in the European confectionary industry like Ferrero, Lindt & Sprüngli, Fazer, Katjes, Krupskaya, Valor, Colian and Valrhona. You can find a full list of winners as well as additional information on the award, club members and events at

The Candy Kettle Award is given for extraordinary quality, innovation and market performance. 2011 winner Pedro López López paid tribute to this year’s honouree: "Josef Zotter gives new meaning to the "4 P´s“ of marketing: here is an outstanding PRODUCT, made with PASSION by an entrepreneur showing integrity and individual PERSONALITY with a convincing PHILOSOPHY at the heart of his business!“

Josef Zotter is very happy about this industry award which echoes way beyond Austria’s borders: "It’s a particular honour to be nominated and chosen as a winner, and to receive this prestigious award from the hands of some very Big Players in the industry. This all has been made possible by having the best employees in the world as well as a wonderful family! I am humbled, moved and overjoyed to be counted among these prominent representatives.“

European Candy Award 2019European Candy Award 2019