Open on the 26th of October


Opening hours for the Zotter experience world on the 26th of October 2019 are 09:00 to 19:00. The last chocolate tour starts at 17:00.

Drop in and enjoy a day at Zotter’s chocolate theatre and shop and our Edible Zoo. Featuring many new tasting stations like bonbon roller coasters, Hammer Choc at the workbench, bubbling praline fountains and our dental clinic with its sugar-free chocolates. And at the finish line, at the Running Chocolate station, we are offering the latest hand-scooped chocolates: Amarena Cherry, Salted Caramel, Yuzu Citrus, Honey Nuts, Powidl Plum Jam and many more…

You can reserve your tickets for the 26th of October online ...

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

Open on the 26th of OctoberOpen on the 26th of October