Zotter one of the most popular brands


Brand ranking: Zotter among Austria’s top 10

"Zotter and Hermann Maier ahead of Tesla and Facebook", reads daily newspaper Kleine Zeitung’s headline.

Austrians love their local products and brands that are popular nationally. Only a small handful of internet brands are making it to the top 10 in the country these days. According to the BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) 2019, the brands ranking among the ten most important in Austria are internet giants Google, Wikipedia, Whatsapp and Microsoft, the Red Cross (last year’s number 1), "Hofer", "Vienna", "Zotter" (9th place) and "Manner". Marcel Hirscher, the most popular individual celebrity, is in 11th place and ex-ski ace Hermann Maier, with a ranking of 83, still makes the top 100, beating popular car brand Tesla (96th place) as well as Facebook (97th place).

According to VMLY&R’s latest announcement, Zotter’s 9th place is definite proof that "a brand can be perceived as strong even without tons of advertising, just by solid brand positioning and a perfectly conveyed narrative”.

For the BAV, around 3.300 Austrians were asked about just under 1.000 brands regarding image, popularity and usage.

Source: https://vienna.yr.com/bav/ 

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