Think Green

Zotter’s success is living proof that ecologically and socially sound business practices are economically viable. Zotter is one of the most sustainable companies in Austria. The company’s holistic concept, which follows on from the decision only to use organic and fairly traded ingredients, is evolving and progressing continuously. 


  • Solar & Geothermal Energy: The entire production runs on eco-power. The Edible Zoo is self-sufficient, as its power is supplied by a photo-voltaic system generating approximately 100,000 kWh. 9 PV movers with a total peak output of 64.8 kW keep turning towards the sun like sunflowers to maximise efficiency. Surplus energy is fed into the workshop where the chocolate is made, supplying up to 60 per cent of its energy demand in combination with the steam-driven power station. The remaining 40 per cent are supplied by Oekostrom GmbH from renewable sources.
  • Far from being regarded as waste, even cocoa bean shells are either converted into thermal energy in the company’s steam-driven power station or used as fertiliser for the vegetable patches in the Edible Zoo.

    The hot-water supply is powered by geothermal energy.

  • Spring Water & Organic Food: We source drinking water from our own spring and collect rain water for our agricultural operation in the Edible Zoo. Every day our employees get a freshly prepared free organic meal consisting of homemade pasta, freshly milled grain and meat and fruit from our own organic agricultural operation in the Edible Zoo.
  • Bioplastics & Non-Glossy Packaging: We use bioplastics made by Biomat ( from renewable sources for our packaging needs.
    We would prefer not to use any film packaging at all, but unfortunately there is currently no viable alternative for companies operating in the food sector.

    Our packaging is made from environmentally friendly paper without glossy coating and printed with environmentally friendly colours. Although the decision to use uncoated rather than high-gloss paper did result in a temporary drop in sales, we stuck with it and our sales figures soon got back to normal.

  •  E-mobility: Josef Zotter drives an electric Vauxhall Ampera to work. The company is currently in the process of converting its entire vehicle fleet to electric cars and already has more electric than petrol-fuelled cars on the road.
  • Self-sufficiency: Zotter’s personal energy supply is completely self-sufficient – he even produces more power than he needs. His organic farm at home and his Edible Zoo, which supplies the company’s cafeteria, make him self-sufficient in every respect.

Zotter has been awarded the Trigos Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility several times.

Zotter products are consistently rated as "excellent" in the Greenpeace Market Check for social as well as ecological aspects – ingredients, transport, packaging, GM, animal welfare – and are sometimes the only company to achieve that score.

2012 Zotter is awarded certification as a Climate Alliance Partner. 

2013 Zotter is nominated as a European Business Awards finalist in the Sustainability category. The jury panel’s decision is still pending.

2017 Zotter is nominated for the Österreichischer Klimaschutzpreis 2017 (the Austrian Climate Protection Award). An expert jury selects his »Environmental Protection as a Concept for Success« as one of the three best projects in the corporate category. 

2017 Zotter receives an award for the Best Environmental Declaration 2017.

2018 Zotter is nominated for the European Business Awards for the Environment 2018-2019 (EBAE).

2018 Winner of the 2018 Energy Globe Award Austria

For more information read Zotter's environmental declaration in German (PDF) and EMAS Certificate (PDF).