Alcoholic content (less than 2%)

Here is a selection of our products with an alcohol content (less than 2%)

Placeholder First Aid First Aid
Placeholder Chilli Bird‘s Eye Chilli Bird‘s Eye
Placeholder Hazelnut Marzipan Hazelnut Marzipan
Placeholder Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan
Placeholder Pistachios Pistachios
Placeholder Walnuts with Marzipan Walnuts with Marzipan
Placeholder White Poppy with Cinnamon and Apricot Spirit White Poppy with Cinnamon and Apricot Spirit
Placeholder White Praline + Wine Nuts White Praline + Wine Nuts
Placeholder Apple Pie Apple Pie
Placeholder Saffron and Pistachios Saffron and Pistachios
Placeholder Orange Marzipan Orange Marzipan
Placeholder Schilcher with Pumpkin Praline Schilcher with Pumpkin Praline
Placeholder Amaretto-Marzipan Amaretto-Marzipan
Placeholder Plum Marzipan in Rum Plum Marzipan in Rum
Placeholder Cheese – Walnut – Grapes Cheese – Walnut – Grapes
Placeholder Ginger + Lemon Ginger + Lemon
Placeholder Tiramisu Tiramisu
Placeholder Lime and Passion Fruit Lime and Passion Fruit
Placeholder Lemon Polenta Lemon Polenta NEW
Placeholder Pine Nut Marzipan + Orange Pine Nut Marzipan + Orange
Placeholder Xo Ko In Xo Ko In
Placeholder Plum & Hazelnut Plum & Hazelnut NEW
Placeholder Zotter 02 "Thank You" Zotter 02 "Thank You"
Placeholder Zotter 02 "For You" Zotter 02 "For You" NEW

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