CHOCOshots in syringes

12 ml syringes
Shelf life: min. 3 weeks to min. 2 months from shipping date (depending on variety)

Innovation with a delicious fun factor: pure Zotter fillings in syringes for an exhilarating kick, clear mind and no side effects. All ingredients in fairly traded organic quality. Wrapped in medical-style packaging, ‘patient info leaflet’ enclosed.

Storage Instructions: This is the first Zotter creation that has to be stored in the refrigerator. Before eating it, however, the CHOCOshot oral should be allowed a half hour to return to room temperature. That is when the aromas are optimally developed and most effective.

Placeholder Himbeerikum Himbeerikum
Placeholder Vanilla-Bourbonikum Vanilla-Bourbonikum
Placeholder Whiskynol Whiskynol
Placeholder Nut treatment Nut treatment
Placeholder Disinfection Disinfection
Placeholder Coconut SeRUM Coconut SeRUM
Placeholder Coffeecur forte Coffeecur forte
Placeholder Erotic Strawberry Erotic Strawberry
Placeholder Vampirikum Vampirikum
Placeholder Broad-spectrum antidepressant Broad-spectrum antidepressant
Placeholder Hemp Injection Hemp Injection

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