Zotter 5.0

50 g bar
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Pure snacking joy – in an all-new 50g medium format

Simply good chocolate!
For all those who want to enjoy “normal” chocolate. Pure chocolates in 3 flavours: bittersweet, mountain milk and berry white, that’s white chocolate with berries. Created, bean-to-bar, at the Zotter chocolate factory with all ORGANIC + FAIR ingredients. We only use the best raw materials for our chocolates, like fine cacao instead of commercial cacao, pure cacao butter, raw cane sugar, milk from alpine farms in the Tyrol, genuine Bourbon vanilla and absolutely no palm oil. Still only the best, but in a new format!

Placeholder Mountain Milk 5.0 Mountain Milk 5.0 NEW

Mountain Milk 5.0

incl. 10% Tax 2,90 €
Placeholder Berry White 5.0 Berry White 5.0 NEW

Berry White 5.0

incl. 10% Tax 2,90 €
Placeholder Bittersweet 5.0 Bittersweet 5.0 NEW

Bittersweet 5.0

incl. 10% Tax 2,90 €

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