Choose from a variety of toppings to decorate your chocolate in style with hearts, truffles, flowers, nuts and spices. Additional options include a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth filling and new shapes such as stars, hearts or pizzas as well as the traditional chocolate bar.

Each Mi-Xing drink is made up of 7 bars of drinking chocolate. The choice is yours – stick to your favourite flavour or select up to 7 “little pots” of different flavours to create your own unique mix. 

4 small bars for you to pick and mix. Choose from a variety of toppings to decorate your mini bars in style with hearts, truffles, flowers, nuts and spices. You can even add a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth filling. 

Non-alcoholic kids’ mix in fun shapes. Your favourite “make-your-own” chocolate comes in all shapes: choose a car, a dog, a cow, a flower or a fish, then select your favourite chocolate flavour. You can also add a yummy filling and top it all off with hearts, flowers, nuts and spices – whatever tickles your fancy. 

Choose a shape to suit your taste, then tap on “Next” to add chocolate flavours and toppings of your choice. 

Simply tap on a plus sign to select a flavour. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll see a minus sign – tap on it to remove any selected flavour if you’ve changed your mind. Mi-Xing bar, Mi-Xing drink, Mi-Xing kids: You can pick and mix up to 3 chocolate flavours. Mi-Xing mini: Tap on each individual quarter to assign a chocolate flavour to it.

To add a greeting card for € 0.50, simply choose your favourite card and tap on it. If you want to add a personal message, please tap on the “Add a personal message” button, then type your personal message into the text box. Once you’ve finished, tap on “Next”.

Please enter your name and surname. We’ll also need your phone number to get in touch and let you know when your chocolate is ready to pick up from the check-out. If you’d like to receive our newsletter, please enter your e-mail address. To order more than one bar of the chocolate you’ve just created, simply change the quantity and tap on "Recalculate price", then tap on "Next". 

Great! You’ve created and ordered your very own chocolate! Would you like to create another one? Simply tap on "Create a new chocolate"