Zotter Mix "From the Easter Bunny"

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Gift set
 alcohol-free  produced without gluten
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Product Description

A gift set with one big and 6 small Easter chocolates. »From the Easter Bunny« is a soft pink strawberry bar melting into delicious cashew praline and 6 small chocos, which will make your Easter holiday a lot sweeter with their butter caramel, white chocolate and milk chocolate flavours. Wrapped in a box with a transparent slipcase.


»From the Easter Bunny«, flavour: Strawberry & Cashew (Cheery & Nuts)
»Happy Easter«, flavour: Butter Caramel, (hand-scooped chocolate mini)
»For Sweet Bunnies«, flavour: White Chocolate with Brittle (hand-scooped chocolate mini)
2 x »For Superbunny«, flavour: White chocolate (Labooko Mini)
2 x »Cuddly Bunny«, flavour: Milk chocolate (Labooko Mini)

Filling with reservation! Depending on availability of products, the filling might deviate.


Gift set
142 g set
Shelf life: minimum 3 months from shipping date

Base price / kg: 73,94 €

Packaging dimensions: W: 155 x H: 140 x D: 17 mm

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