Motif designer help

Formats, dimensions & resolution

Use photos in print quality: resolution 300 dpi at 3000 x 2000 pixels. Supported file types: jpeg, jpg, png and gif

Space for your motif:
Hand-scooped chocolates: 116 x 40 mm, in pixels 1371 x 472 px
Labooko: 52 x 115 mm, in pixels 614 x 1358 px

Liability, copyright, trademark and privacy protection

Zotter does not assume any liability for the quality and colour of the packaging. For an optimal printing result your pictures should have a resolution of 300 dpi at 3000 x 2000 pixels.

It is the customer's responsibility to observe the copyright. Zotter is not liable for illegally used graphics and pictures or for copyright infringements.

Zotter trademark protection: Please use the motif designer only for Zotter chocolates. Violations breach the trademark protection.

Privacy: For the purpose of customer service (e.g.: in case of repeated shipment to the customer after loss) and control of the compliance with copyright or Zotter trademark protection, the generated packaging is additionally sent to Zotter via Bcc.

Full service (recommended from 50 pieces)

If you need a larger quantity of your own packaging, then use our "Own Edition" with full service.

You can find more information and contact for the Own Edition here.

Ordering chocolate separately

In the Motif Designer you can only determine the design, you have to order the matching chocolate separately in the online shop:

The chocolates are delivered with our original packaging.

You have already bought Zotter chocolate in a shop? Very good, then you can start right after printing and cutting the packaging.

Print quality

The quality of the print@home packaging depends on several factors, naturally on your printer itself, the paper used and your images and pictures. If you value the highest possible print quality, the printing would have to be done by our partner printing company (recommended from 50 pieces).

How to get started

At the beginning a banderole is loaded, which you can either leave its black background colour or change the colour by clicking on one of the colour circles (1)

In the left column you will find options to use already predefined design elements of our art director Andreas H. Gratze under Cliparts (2) to upload your own pictures (3), to add texts to the design (4), to add shapes, change their size, position and colour (5) and to change the order of the elements you have placed in the design area by means of the layers (6)

Using Zotter designs

Under Cliparts (1) you will find all predefined elements that you can use for your design. To do so, click on one of the pictures in the left column. Because there are many pictures, it is useful to choose the appropriate category (2). In this example you click on "Hand-scooped" (3). Then you can select all the predefined backgrounds. Click on such a background and it will be loaded into the customizable area.

Change clipart categeories

In addition to the already predefined background designs by our packaging designer Andreas H. Graze, there are also unique pictograms to choose from, which you can combine in your design. Or already finished texts as graphics. In order to get there, if you had previously selected the category hand-scooped or Labooko, for example, simply click on "All Categories" in the path line in the category window again to get to the overall selection.

Manage (reuse) files / designs

In the new Motif Designer, files are not saved in the customer account. During a browser session you can "save in my designs" (2). You will then find them under the menu item "Designs". However, these designs will be lost when the browser session is deleted (e.g. by deleting cookies). So if you would like to use a design again and again, use "Save as file" (1). This will download the design to your computer and you can upload it from your computer to the Motif Designer again another time if necessary by using "Import file" (3).


To print your design yourself, click on Print, select PDF (recommended) and leave the following selected:

  • Include base
  • Hide overflow

Have fun being creative!

We hope you enjoy the new motif designer as much as we do! As it is a completely new development, it is quite possible that one or the other mistake will occur. If you notice anything, please let us know so that we can work on a solution. We ask for your indulgence if one or the other of these things does not work 100% - we do our best to improve it continuously. Just write - preferably including screenshots and a short description of what has been done - to Thank you!