Delisted and sold out varieties

Placeholder Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Placeholder Caramelized Nuts Caramelized Nuts
Placeholder Almond Roses Almond Roses
Placeholder Chequered Cow - Milk Chocolate Chequered Cow - Milk Chocolate
Placeholder Cheese – Walnut – Grapes Cheese – Walnut – Grapes
Placeholder Blackcurrant + Macadamia Blackcurrant + Macadamia
Placeholder Hemp & Apricot Hemp & Apricot
Placeholder Sweet Greetings Sweet Greetings
Placeholder Lemon Polenta Lemon Polenta
Placeholder Cola & Popcorn Cola & Popcorn
Placeholder Granola + Fruit Granola + Fruit
Placeholder Pecan and Tamarind Pecan and Tamarind
Placeholder Red Wine Red Wine
Placeholder Plum & Hazelnut Plum & Hazelnut
Placeholder Sunflower & Golden Cherry Sunflower & Golden Cherry
Placeholder Zettelwirtschaft" & Baking Set Zettelwirtschaft" & Baking Set
Placeholder Zotter 01 "A Gift for YOU!" Zotter 01 "A Gift for YOU!"
Placeholder Planetarium-mixed Planetarium-mixed
Placeholder Planetarium with a Buzz Planetarium with a Buzz
Placeholder Strawberry & Pumpkin & Passion Fruit Strawberry & Pumpkin & Passion Fruit
Placeholder Marc de Champagne & Raspberry & Coffee Marc de Champagne & Raspberry & Coffee
Placeholder Fine White Chocolate Fine White Chocolate

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