Delisted and sold out varieties

Placeholder Goji Berries in Sesame Goji Berries in Sesame
Placeholder Schilcher with Pumpkin Praline Schilcher with Pumpkin Praline
Placeholder Caipirinha Caipirinha
Placeholder Peanuts & Berries Peanuts & Berries
Placeholder Walnut Praline Walnut Praline
Placeholder Whisky & Bacon Whisky & Bacon
Placeholder Pine Nut Marzipan + Orange Pine Nut Marzipan + Orange
Placeholder Xo Ko In Xo Ko In
Placeholder Kir Royal Kir Royal
Placeholder Orange & Oranges Orange & Oranges
Placeholder Peanut Whole Nuts Peanut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Pecan Nut Whole Nuts Pecan Nut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Walnut Whole Nuts Walnut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Black Currant Black Currant
Placeholder Chocolate for White Wine Chocolate for White Wine
Placeholder Chocolate for Red Wine Chocolate for Red Wine
Placeholder Light Bulbs - White Rice Coconut, no sugar added Light Bulbs - White Rice Coconut, no sugar added
Placeholder Dark Choco Mousse Dark Choco Mousse
Placeholder Raspberry Choco Nibs Raspberry Choco Nibs
Placeholder Caramel Choco Nibs Caramel Choco Nibs
Placeholder Milk Choco Nibs 40% Milk Choco Nibs 40%
Placeholder White Choco Nibs White Choco Nibs
Placeholder Squaring the Circle Squaring the Circle
Placeholder White Choc with Maple Sugar White Choc with Maple Sugar