New e-mail-address? 

Your e-mail-address is also your username for the Online-Shop Login. Therefore it is not possible to change it yourself. Please send us an e-mail to including your old and new e-mail-address and we will take care of changing the e-mail-address for you

When will the shopping basket be emptied? 

If you have put items in your shopping basket, they will be saved until you have completed your order. They will not be "forgotten", even if you leave and only return a few days later. The requirement for this is that you allow the saving of cookies in your browser (which is usually the standard setting) and also that you don't delete them in the meantime. If you need help with the settings for cookies in your browser, please find further information about your respective web browser here:

If you don't know which browser you are using, just click here: "Which browser am I using?" "Cookies" make sure that you will be recognised at your next visit. So if you come back to at a later time, you will see the shopping basket icon in the top right-hand corner. By clicking on it you can call up your shopping basket directly.

When you complete your order, your shopping basket will be emptied. This happens whenever you click on the "Buy now" button. If you are paying by credit card, the order has been fully completed at this time. The payment methods online banking and Safetypay pose an exception. The shopping basket will also be emptied by clicking "Buy now" (for technical reasons, this has to happen at this point). But you have to pay for your order first before we can further process it. Should you not complete your payment after clicking on "Buy now" for whatever reason (e.g. computer problems, payment problems, your bank isn't available - with Safetypay, you can first check the availability of your bank here), then your order will unfortunately be lost and won't be restorable.

If you have any further technical questions, please contact 
If you have any questions about your order, please contact