Adjusted shipping costs from March, 24th

Due to the increase in fuel prices, delivery services have raised their fees, which means that we will have to slightly adjust the delivery charges and the free shipping limits for orders in the online shop from March, 24th as follows:

Deliveries within Austria

  • Delivery charges:
    • EUR 5,90 up to an order value of EUR 14,99
    • EUR 4,90 from an order value of EUR 15,-
  • Free shipping from EUR 30 order value

Deliveries in Germany

  • Delivery charges:
    • EUR 10,90 up to an order value of EUR 24,99
    • EUR 9,90 from an order value of EUR 25,-
  • Free shipping from EUR 40 order value

Deliveries within EU, Switzerland + Liechtenstein

  • Delivery charges:
    • EUR 11,50 up to an order value of EUR 34,99
    • EUR 10,50 from an order value of EUR 35,-
  • Free shipping from EUR 50 order value

Current delivery and payment conditions