Zotter in Shanghai

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Zotter brings Austrian chocolate culture to the Shanghai Fashion Center. The new Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai is opened officially on May 31st with a delegate from the Chinese government. There will be Viennese Schnitzel, Gugelhupf and apple strudel.

On 2400 square metres of the heritage-protected brick factory on the bank of the Huangpu River, we revive Austrian chocolate art, along with everything that...read more goes with it: A small chocolate factory that produces filled chocolates and chocolates "on demand", a great tasting tour and of course a Viennese coffee shop with drinking chocolates and "apple strudel." Like in Bergl, the Chocolate Theatre has all 16 tasting stations with Running Chocolate, Drinking Chocolate online, Conching Time Machine, basic Chocolate Fountain and Cocoa Cinema. All chocolates are imported from Austria in organic and fair-trade quality. We only produce filled and individual chocolates locally, which visitors can mix on demand. The Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai is run by daughter Julia Zotter (26).

Best received are the Hand-scooped Chocolates, nothing like it has been seen in China before. The Chinese are happy to try out new things and the Running Chocolate is of course a highlight because the Chinese know it but can experience for the first time that something sweet is served on the running conveyor belt. "The Chinese laugh a lot at the Running Chocolate conveyor belt, it is a real highlight of the tasting tour," Josef Zotter says.

The theatre currently has 40 employees. The number of employees will soon double to 80 when the theatre will be open 7 days a week.

Visit www.zotter.cn (English + Chinese)
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