Zotter in Shanghai

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Zotter brings Austrian chocolate culture to the Shanghai Fashion Center. 

Showtime for hand-scooped chocolates & Co: In the Shanghai Chocolate Theatre, visitors can immerse themselves in Zotter's world of chocolate and nibble chocolate that is made in the chocolate factory in Riegersburg and delivered fresh to Shanghai. The hand-scooped chocolates are extremely popular with the Chinese and also the international public because they are so extraordinary.

In addition to the shop, the chocolate theatre also has a Viennese coffee house with bundt cake, Zotter coffee and, of course, lots of drinking chocolate.

The theatre currently has 20 employees. The mixing bar station, where young and old can create their own chocolate, is very popular with visitors. The most colourful ideas become great chocolate bars! With these bars, our production is already quite busy. In addition, chocolates are made on site for the various tasting stations, special editions for company gifts and, of course, the bundt cakes and tarts for the coffee house are baked. Otherwise, we concentrate entirely on inspiring the 23 million inhabitants of the booming metropolis for organic and fair-trade chocolates from Austria.

Julia Zotter set up the chocolate theatre in 2014 together with Shanghainese business partner Amy Fang. It was built on 2400 square metres in a heritage-protected textile factory, which is located directly on the bank promenade of the Huangpu River. Today, Julia Zotter is back in Austria, while Amy Fang has taken over the business in China.

The theatre was officially opened with the Chinese government on 31 May 2014. In addition to chocolate, there was also the traditional lion dance and a sea of flower wreaths at the grand opening party.

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