Organic Restaurant Öko-Essbar at the Edible Zoo

Access only for visitors with a valid day ticket to the Chocolate Theatre and the Edible Zoo.

Opening hours:
Thu, Fri & Sat: 11 am - 6 pm

extended from April 1st:
Mon - Sat: 11 am - 6 pm

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Farm to table – fresh & cool

Experience nature at our restaurant. We create dishes and drinks from everything that’s growing and thriving at our organic farm. Enjoy organic food directly from our pastures and gardens in the middle of nature, featuring live cooking events and a large outside seating area next to our herb garden.

According to, the Öko-Essbar is likely the most sustainable restaurant in the country.

We grow and produce everything ourselves – bread, rolls and pastries at our farm bakery, vegetables and herbs at our own herb gardens and veggie patches, meat and sausages from free range animals, raised and processed on our own farm.

Table reservations are not possible.

New from March 2023:

Street food at our Öko-Essbar

In our Organic Restaurant Öko-Essbar, we offer you a new, individualised street food concept, with sandwiches, soups, ragout pots, super bowls, a salad bar and a kids corner with small dishes. Let us surprise you what we create for you in the open live kitchen! In addition, there are homemade juices, lemonades, wine and sparkling wine from our own vineyards, as well as our own coffee to go. All organic, of course.

You can sit indoors or in the garden, by the amphitheatre across the street or enjoy the view over the Edible Zoo from our roof terrace (free seating + self-service).

Organic food straight from our pastures and gardens

French fries, spaghetti with sugo or tomato sauce for the kids, clear and creamy soups, various ragout pots and super bowls with all kinds of carbs and proteins to choose from, as well as a large Mi-Xing salad bar, with organic meat from species-appropriate animal farming and veggie alternatives for those who value plant-based nutrition.

Taste our refreshing, homemade organic lemonade, our organic and fair coffee or have a delicious organic wine spritzer.

Our Essbar creates food that’s fresh – regional – seasonal – vegetarian or using free-range meat from old breeds like Altsteirer chicken and Styrian Scheckenziege goats. 

We create freshly cooked, regional and seasonal delicacies for you daily.

Meat from animals bred, raised and processed by us

100% of our meat comes from animals we raise ourselves at the Edible Zoo. They live and are cared for outside all year round at our organic farm, and they run around and graze right where the restaurant is situated.

At our new meat manufactory, we process the meat ourselves to create sublime meats, cuts and sausages, all of which you can taste at our Öko-Essbar, Deli Shop and Hot Dog Stand.

You can now also buy some of our delicious Edible Zoo delicacies at our online shop and have them delivered to your home.