Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
burmesische Flüchtlingskinder
Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Tasting tour

Welcome to the Zotter Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate!

During the exciting tasting tour through the Choco Shop Theatre you will witness live how chocolate is created. You can look inside our production through the glass architecture and at the same time check out at the tasting stations how the cocoa bean is transformed into chocolate. From the bean to the bar. Chocolate is an experience!

Look the food into the eyes!

Explore our adventurous organic farm experience, where old domestic animal breeds live and regional fruit and vegetable varieties thrive. The Edible Zoo is a genuine open-air adventure with "organic" to get your hands on. In the organic farm restaurant Essbar you can enjoy organic food from March till October directly from our own meadows and gardens in the midst of nature!

Not wheelchair accessible …

Our Chocolate Theatre is unfortunately not fully accessible. We offer all people using wheelchairs to visit our cocoa cinema and to enjoy a special chocolate tasting in our shop for free. 

Happy Birthday ...

We got a little surprise for all of you, who have visit us on your birthday. Please show your identification card at the entrance.

Bring your dog ...

If you plan to bring your dog to Zotter, there are seven lockable dog crates at our "Hunzdorf", that you may use. As it is not possible to reserve one of the crates in advance, we cannot guarantee any availabilty. Please note our terms and conditions for the temporary custody of your dog.

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