• Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
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    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Tasting tour

    All about chocolate – From the bean to the cult

    How is chocolate created? What do freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate taste like? The Chocolate Theatre offers an exciting tasting expedition for everyone who hungers for chocolate. Chocolate is an experience!

    Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate

    The tasting tour around the zotter world of chocolate provides valuable information on chocolate as well as numerous creatively arranged titbit stations. You wander around the transparent chocolate factory along paths of glass and accompany the transformation of the cocoa bean into chocolate.

    In order to avoid long waiting times, we urgently recommend you to make a reservation. By phone: +43 - (0)3152 - 5554, via e-mail: tickets@zotter.at  or use our

    Online reservation

    You may expect:

    • Pop Art Corn: Sweet popcorn coated with chocolate.
    • Choco Shocker: Chocolatey things with a thrill effect.
    • Cocoa Cinema: What does cocoa actually look like and where does it grow? Let us take you on a cinematic journey to the cocoa farmers in Latin America.
    • Bean-to-Bar Manufactory:You will not only see each step in the production of chocolate from roasting and grinding to refining and conching,but you are also presented with a sensory experience - you get to taste the product for yourself at each step.
    • Sugar and Milk Samples
    • Cocoa Roastery: Taste freshly roasted cocoa beans from many different countries of origin. Taste the difference!
    • Raw Cocoa Mass Fountain: Looks like chocolate but isn’t.
    • Cocoa Nibs:Roasted cocoa beans, broken up into small pieces.
    • Coffee Bean Cruncher: Try our freshly roasted and fairly traded organic coffee beans
    • Ground Cocoa Powder: Nowhere near the finished product and definitely not a chocolate, but already tastes pretty good even when it’s only ground-up powder.
    • Conching Times Gallery: Experience how different conching times alter the flavour of chocolate.
    • Vegan Chocolate Fountain: Here, vegan milk chocolate drips from Granny’s spoons.
    • Conching Time Machine: Our Labooko range presents dark chocolates with an increasing cocoa content from the best cocoagrowing regions in the world.
    • BASiC Refill Station: Bubbling chocolate fountains
    • Smellery and Curiosity Cabinet: Guess the fragrance game and enjoy the ingredients show
    • Choco Uni Fair Sum: Our small-scale universe features small spaceships making their rounds, filled with fun little chocolate light bulbs.
    • Bonbon Roller Coaster: Organic bonbons are whizzing by, grab one quickly!
    • Salad of Leaves Buffet: My favourite salad is made of chocolate. Wafer-thin chocolate bars in various flavours
    • VR Goggles: Put on your VR goggles and dive into Madagascar’s cocoa jungle.
    • Nashido + Biofekt Robot: Simply order a bonbon or a small, filled Nashido bar via our touchscreen menu, and a chocolate robot will serve it in no-time.
    • Classic Salon: The Zotter classic chocolate is served at our small Biedermeier Salon.
    • Craft Akt Grinder: While the grindstones turn, you can taste liquid chocolate samples from the Craft Akt range – our precious experiments, only available in a limited quantity.
    • Hammer Choco: You can snack on our Hammer Choc with nuts and fruit right at the workbench and enjoy its cracking flavour!
    • Eight-Cylinder Nougat Pump: Here you can create bonbons in no time from nougat, pumped out in 8 different flavours.
    • Dental Clinic: An entirely pain-free treatment and prescription of sugar-free chocolate at our dental clinic.
    • ChocoShot in a Syringe: As a sweet sedative, our dental clinic provides a chocolate shot, a syringe with a sublime bonbon filling.
    • G.Nuss Paternoster: The chocolate with whole nuts
    • Labooko Crunchery: High percentage single origin chocolates and flavour-explosive fruit chocolates.
    • Mitzi Blue “Radio Active“: These round chocolate discs are available „in the mix“ with a cool decor as a record player topping – a chance to snack while listening to music on headphones.
    • Lollytop Stairway to Heaven: Chocolate lollies for kids
    • Xocitto Bar: Here we have Xocitto, the 100% cocoa smoothie, mixed just with water. A power drink you can enhance with sugar and milk or enjoy neat.
    • Drinking Chocolate onLine: The smallest cable car in the world serves you delicious drinking chocolates.
    • Nougsus Paternoster: Featuring absolutely unique nougat creations.
    • Flic Flocs in Swimming Caps: Crunchy choco flakes
    • Balleros Cauldron Bar: Crunchy miracles roll in copper cauldrons.
    • Running Chocolate:  The chocolate finale: hand-scooped chocolates with seductive and eccentric fillings
    • Pickle Fishing: After this much chocolate, a cornichon straight off the fishing line is the perfect palate cleanser.
    • Enough nibbling? Have tremendous fun in nature and visit our Edible Zoo before or after the tasting tour. The admission to the zoo  is included in every Chocolate Theatre tour.

    Not accessible by wheelchair or with stroller …

    Due to many staircases our Chocolate Theatre is unfortunately not fully accessible. We offer all people using wheelchairs to visit our cocoa cinema and to enjoy a special chocolate tasting in our shop for free.

    We recommend that parents with small children use a baby sling. You can park a stroller in the foyer or in the cloakroom.