Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Chocolate tour
Tasting tour
Chocolate tour

Prices & Tour

Day ticket

1 choco tour and tasting at the Choco Shop Theatre
1 entrance into the Edible Zoo; before or after the visit of the Choco Shop Theatre

The reserved time indicated on your reservation is the beginning of the movie at the Cocoa Cinema inside the Choco Shop Theatre.

  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes + 2 hours for the Edible Zoo.
    This is just a recommendation: You can spend the whole day at Zotters and start with the Edible Zoo first, as the ticket for the Zoo is valid the whole day.
  • Tasting tour for individual visitors and travel groups with audio guides (approx. 70 persons per tour) For more than 70 persons click here
  • Audio guides in several languages: Audio guides in several languages: English, German, Italian, Czech, Slovenian, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Russian and Croatian. The Children's Fun Guide can only be heard in German.

    Keep in mind: Please wear sturdy shoes. There is a risk of slipping and falling on this territory!

Admission Choco Tour

Price p.P.            Group price (20 persons and more)*
Children (0 - 3 years)freefree
Children (4 - 5 years)5,90 EUR5,40 EUR
Children (6 - 10 years)10,90 EUR10,40 EUR
Teenagers (11 - 17 years)13,90 EUR13,40 EUR
Adults (from 18 years )      16,90 EUR16,40 EUR

 * Every 21. person is free.
   Free entrance for bus drivers.

Reservation & online tickets

Online tickets

In order to avoid long waiting times, we urgently recommend you to make a reservation.

Previous reservation is recommended: by phone: +43 - (0)3152 - 5554, via e-mail: or online.


Admission Edible Zoo (excl. choco tour and tasting at the Choco Shop Theatre)

If you only want to visit our Edible Zoo, enjoying nature and organic food in our farm restaurant, you are welcome. A reservation is not required. We have enough space and enjoyment for you!

Price from 01/03/2018 

Price p.P.            Group price (20 persons and more)
Children (0 - 3 years)freefree
Children (4 -5 years)2,90 EUR2,40 EUR
Children (6 - 10 years)4,90 EUR4,40 EUR
Teenagers (11-17 years)5,90 EUR5,40 EUR
Adults (from 18 years)      6,90 EUR6,40 EUR

Not wheelchair accessible …

Our Chocolate Theatre is unfortunately not fully accessible. We offer all people using wheelchairs to visit our cocoa cinema and to enjoy a special chocolate tasting in our shop for free. 

Happy Birthday ...

We got a little surprise for all of you, who have visit us on your birthday. Please show your identification card at the entrance.

Bring your dog ...

If you plan to bring your dog to Zotter, there are seven lockable dog crates at our "Hunzdorf", that you may use. As it is not possible to reserve one of the crates in advance, we cannot guarantee any availabilty. Please note our terms and conditions for the temporary custody of your dog.