All you need is Chocolate and Friends


Josef Zotter and Patrick Walter from Choco Del Sol have known and appreciated each other for many years, so it was literally a matter of honor that Zotter should also be present at this year's EuroBean Chocolate Festival at Rochsburg Castle. Patrick and his wife Peggy launched the festival in 2015, which has since developed into an industry gathering with chocolatiers from all over the world. On the occasion of the EuroBean Festival at the beginning of August, Zotter and Choco Del Sol now presented the first jointly created chocolate bar.

Chocolate & Friends: 2 bean-to-bar producers, 2 chocolate layers + 2 countries equal one yummy chocolate bar

Choco Del Sol TOP SIDE • Dark Chocolate / Uganda 78%
A dark, single origin chocolate by Choco Del Sol with a 78% cacao content, sweetened with raw cane sugar, without any extra cocoa butter, because the extremely chocolatey Uganda cacao is very capable of flying solo. Manufactured, bean-to-bar, by Choco Del Sol.

Zotter Chocolate BOTTOM SIDE • Milk Chocolate / Nicaragua 50%
A single origin milk chocolate by Zotter with a 50% cacao content, mountain milk from the Tyrol and a mild raw cane sugar sweetness. Created using cacao from Nicaragua. A chocolate described as a »masterpiece« by chocolate testers. Manufactured, bean-to-bar by Zotter Chocolate.

Now available in the online shop & on site at the chocolate factory.

All you need is Chocolate & Friends - Zotter Schokolade and Choco Del Sol