The new chocolate collection 2020/21


The selection is heavy on classics, pralines and nut varieties. Nuts are very on trend – all over the world and of course also at Zotter’s – popular classics with precious ingredients, which you can enjoy as a trendy comfort food. Nuts dominate our new collection.

We open this season with 16 new, hand-scooped Chocolates – real classics like Choco Mousse, available in white, milk and dark chocolate. We also offer wine classics like White Wine from our own vineyards and Sweet Wine "Red" created by a top winemaker. We are offering moments of nutty indulgence with Marzipan and Almonds and Chestnut + Cranberry, a fruity and nutty delicacy. New sugar alternatives are featured as well, for example in our crispy Granola + Fruit creation, sweetened with maple sugar. And the craziest chocolate of the season Cola & Popcorn comes from Julia Zotter, mixed from Austrian Cola, cola jelly and caramelised popcorn in almond nougat.

With our charity chocolate Chocolate Banana, we are supporting a new project: 50 cents out of every chocolate sold go towards the Caritas children’s charity project “Chocolate for School” in Uganda.

The Squaring the Circle range introduces an entirely new chocolate assortment with a focus on sugar-free chocolates and exciting sugar alternatives. Featuring trendy date sugar, erythritol organic, no-calorie sweetener, fructose contained in added bits of mango, two new nut bars and much more. It consists of 13 chocolate varieties, all focusing on the hot topic of sugar.

All (available) newbies at a glance

Zotter New Varieties 2020/21