The chocolate innovations 2021


The new season is a fruity party!

Everything is fruity! Fruity fillings, fruity marzipan, fruit as sweetener and fruit which melts into chocolate and also into praline, all featured in our latest chocolate ranges. Many new and delicious fruity miracles featuring new flavour accents and seductive colours.

We open the season with 12 new, Hand-scooped Chocolates, all with delicious fruity fillings: from pure fruit ganaches with Blackberries or Strawberries to the first entirely vegan fruit filling with Cranberries as well as fruity marzipan fillings with Berry Marzipan or Cherries & Pumpkin Marzipan. We’re also presenting quite a few new creations sweetened with fruit like Plum & Hazelnut and Date & Cashew, both vegan to boot. The Squaring the Circle range presents two all-new chocolates sweetened with trendy date sugar, which is made of ground dates. For the first time, we are offering a Drinking Chocolate containing a sugar alternative: Cashew, sweetened with date sugar. The Labooko range features a combination of no less than five fine flavour cacaos with a very fruity aroma, in our 72% Opus 5. When it comes to fruit, we can’t of course forget our new Fruit Bars. New in our range: Sour Cherry with fine sour cherry pieces and white Lemon couverture with crispy bits of orange. The Balleros boast six new flavours like the Fruit Crispies mix made with strawberries, passion fruit and blueberries, Grapes and Nuts, the hazelnut and raisin mix, tangy-sweet Physalis in a refreshing lemon couverture and many more. Naturally fruity with a focus on combinations, because people love a huge variety.

We’ve also developed four new product ranges.

In•Fusion: chocolates enhanced with fruit couverture. Our basis are chocolate classics – five dark chocolates and a milk chocolate melt together with raspberries, lemon, sour cherries and more. Cacao naturally has quite a fruity aroma spectrum, and by infusing our classic chocolates with these fruity couvertures, you can experience this aroma first-hand. The new classics with an indulgent, fruity edge!

The Cheery & Nuts range shows us combining fruit couvertures with tender-melting pralines and enhancing them with crunchy, chopped nuts. Blueberry & Hazelnut, Strawberry & Cashew, Cranberry & Hemp and several more. Cheery & Nuts – the tender melting fruit-and-praline duo with chopped nuts.

Praline Bars are all-new in our programme: homemade, soft praline with small but crunchy chopped nuts, covered in delicious chocolate. Perfectly proportioned to serve as a little snack for nut fans big and small and featuring cute animal designs. Almond Praline Bar, Hazelnut Praline Bar and Cashew Praline Bar – praline bars are sweet snacks.

Labooko Mini – the small Labookos – 10 different Labooko Mini flavours in one package, including a virtual chocolate tasting with Julia Zotter, which you can view any time using the QR-code on the package. An interactive snack indulgence.

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