Zotter wins the Styrian Animal Welfare Award!


Zotter wins the Animal Welfare Award of the Province of Styria for its new farm building.
For the fourteenth time, exemplary agricultural companies in Styria have been awarded the Animal Welfare Prize for particularly animal-friendly construction in rural areas. This year again four farms were selected by a jury of experts. For the first time, Zotter is also among the prize winners. The prize is awarded to farms that promote an agriculture that is environmentally friendly and conserves resources, promotes biodiversity, provides high-quality but also affordable food and other resources, and of course one that guarantees more animal welfare. Since 2010, 57 farms have already received the award.

New Zotter cattle and pig barn in Ottendorf

The new modern free stall barn for cattle and pigs near the Zotter Experience World consists of six free stalls of twelve square metres each and five stalls of 15 square metres each. Cattle and pigs can enter and leave the stalls at any time and go to the surrounding pastures (cows) or forest and wallowing areas (pigs). There is an automatic straw bedding system (Strohmatic) with suction system. The walls can be opened completely. The roof with skylights can also be opened, so there is no heat accumulation in the barn. A 199 kWp PV system was installed on the roof.

The total area of the barn, including storage rooms and traffic area, is 601m². In addition, the animals have access to three pasture areas with a total area of 22 ha of open land/forest throughout the year. The organic standards were exceeded in this project: the breeding pigs are not docked, there are no slatted floors and the piglets are already running with the herd at the age of three months. But profitability was also an evaluation criteria that was fulfilled. Currently, 70 pigs and 75 cattle live in this area.

Planning: Styrian Chamber of Agriculture

Photo 1: Animal Welfare Ombudswoman Barbara Fiala-Köck (5th from left) presented the Animal Welfare Award to Julia Zotter and her farm manager Bernhard Trimmel together with Member of Parliament and Mayor Erwin Dirnberg, 2nd Provincial President Gabriele Kolar, Provincial Councillor Johann Seitinger, Vice President of the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture Maria Pein (from left).

© Photo Credit: Land Steiermark/Binder

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