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Zotter Chocolates the company, the philosophy, trends, history and facts at a glance.

Trends & The New Chocolate Collection 2017/2018  We proudly present 20 new hand-scooped chocolates - a few are sophisticated classics like the fruity raspberry chocolate and some are eccentric and a little bit mad like the Fake Chocolate with peanuts and nettles. We’ve also discovered many new and rare fine flavour cocoa delicacies which we have transformed into 12 new Labookos. Also new: our low carb chocolates, part of our Labooko, Balleros and BASiC Light Bulbs fine couverture ranges.


Download Spring+Easter Catalogue 2018
Download our Spring Easter Catalogue 2018

Spring Easter 2018

We are kicking off our spring season with new collections for VALENTINE’S DAY, EASTER, MOTHER’S DAY and FATHER’S DAY as well as seasonal spring-themed chocolate bars with strawberry and asparagus. You can find the entire spring and Easter range in our catalogue.


As always, we have lots of new and exciting products for you to discover:
• Mango Bunny: the new, hand-scooped Easter chocolate for kids.
• Bunny in Easterland: the new, vegan Easter chocolate.
• “The name is Bunny. Easter Bunny.”: two dark, single-origin chocolates.
• Happy Easter: the new Easter chocolate from the new classic range.
• Two Easter collections with many new, hand-scooped chocolates.
• Happy Easter and For very sweet Bunnies: the new, hand-scooped Easter minis perfect for every Easter nest. 
• New, brightly decorated Easter bunnies and Easter eggs from the mixing range, all with a delicious centre.

and many more

Have a look inside the spring and Easter collection 2018 (PDF)

Download Zotter Catalogue 2017-18
Download our Chocolate Catalogue 2017-18

Chocolate Collection 2017-18

In this catalogue, you will find the best things from 30 years of Zotter, all our new products, all kinds of crazy innovations and more than 400 chocolates, all organic and fair trade.

Have a look inside the new catalogue 2017-18 (PDF)

Trends & new varieties at a glance (PDF)



Zotter-Chocolates-Collection 2016/2017
Click and download (PDF, 23 MB)

Zotter Newbies & Collection 2016/2017

We are opening this season by introducing many new chocolate varieties and are celebrating our range with over 400 chocolate bars in organic and fair trade quality.The latest Zotter chocolate collection 2016-17 download (PDF, 23 MB)

TRENDS: Hand-scooped chocolate made from the most sublime organic wine varieties, fruit and seeds, mini chocolate bars with creamy fillings, single origin chocolate from Peru, Xocitto 100% - chocolate espresso and chocolate popcorn 

The hand-scooped newbies – from firewood to apricot
Josef Zotter’s number one favourite creation this season is the Firewood Brandy Chocolate with toasted wood brandy, created after the barrique method! Zotter uses the trendiest and best organic wine varieties as well as beer and whisky for his creamy fillings. Fruit meets herbs to create fascinating and inspiring new flavours. He has also created chocolate bars using power food ingredients like chia seeds or gold sprouts to give them a satisfying crunch. And there are of course the classic flavours like our fine apricot chocolate or the new Viennese Melange coffee chocolate bar.

Nashido – thin chocolate bars with a creamy filling
Nashidos are very thin, fine mini chocolate bars with a creamy light filling similar to our praline bonbons. We let inspiration runs its course and created ten different and seductive flavours ranging from classic chocolate-mint to hazelnut nougat to virtuoso cream varieties like blackcurrant with lavender.

Labooko – single origin chocolate from Peru
We have traveled to Peru and are now happy to present rare fine cocoa delicacies from different corners of the country. We are setting a new trend by infusing these chocolate bars with pure cocoa mass to beautifully enhance their flavour profile.

Xocitto 100% – chocolate espresso
This is a creamy drinking chocolate smoothie made from 100% noble Ecuadorian cocoa. Xocitto works like espresso: you can sweeten it with sugar, soften it with milk or enjoy it neat.

You can find these news and the whole assortment in our latest catalogue.

Chocolate Award in London

Academy of Chocolate Logo

Academy of Chocolate 2016 list
Download: Award 2016 Winner

Zotter sweeps the board: 2 x gold, 8 x silver and 5 x bronze

Every year, the Academy of Chocolate in London gives awards to the best chocolates and filled chocolates in the world. There are various award categories, from high-percentage dark chocolate to chocolates with fillings. Zotter submitted 17 chocolates and was awarded gold, silver or bronze 15 times in total. A unique result for Zotter, next to top chocolatiers such as Amedei, Michel Cluizel and Demarquette.

Labooko Belize 82%
Labooko Peru 82%

Labooko Ecuador 75%

Labooko Peru 100%
Labooko Peru 45%
Redcurrant Chilli Rock
Lemon Curd + Orange Lord
Labooko Raspberry 
Labooko Coffee
Biofekt Piura 80%

Labooko Peru Barranquita 75%
Labooko Columbia 75%
Bacon Bits 
Caramelized Nuts
Biofekt Currant-Lavender Pot

DOWNLOAD the official award winner list (PDF)

Visit the official homepage: 

Chocolate – the Reference Standard


"Zotter is and will remain at the top of the world-best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolatier of all." (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 839)

The chocolate world is in motion, which is why the chocolate tester Georg Bernardini has once again published a colossal standard work (919 pages) about the international chocolate market. The test included 550 brands and 4,000 products from 70 countries (by comparison, in 2012, the test included 271 brands, 2,700 products and 38 countries).

Zotter ranks among the Top 25 - the best chocolatiers in the world

"Zotter: the placement among the Top 25 is so much matter of course as it is for only very few brands and companies, similar to Domori almost indisputable." (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 849)

The Top 25 are awarded 6 cocoa pods. 6 cocoa pods stand for "Extraordinary quality of all products. Extremely rare to no deviations in the outstanding quality of the products." (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 137)

Zotter is the only producer from Germany and Austria in the Top 25 and still the only one to produce solely in organic and fair-trade quality.

Reference: Georg Bernardini: "CHOCOLATE – THE REFERENCE STANDARD. The Chocolate Tester 2015. The best chocolates and pralines in the world. What’s behind it all and what we can gladly forego." 919 pages, $ 60.00