Chocolate Eggs

Colourful chocolate eggs for Easter

Filled chocolate eggs in many different varieties, with fine praline creams, sweet caramel filling or alcoholic with egg liqueur, raspberry brandy, cherry or apricot brandy.

Placeholder Cashew Choco Egg Cashew Choco Egg
Placeholder Fruit Praline-Choco Egg (2 pcs) Fruit Praline-Choco Egg (2 pcs)
Placeholder Hazelnut Choco Eggs (2 pcs) Hazelnut Choco Eggs (2 pcs)
Placeholder Caramel Choco Eggs (2 pcs) Caramel Choco Eggs (2 pcs)
Placeholder Macadamia Choco Eggs (2 pcs) Macadamia Choco Eggs (2 pcs)
Placeholder Almond Choco Eggs (2 pcs) Almond Choco Eggs (2 pcs)

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