Statement on alleged Panzerschokolade (tank chocolate)

A fake image of a supposed „Panzerschokolade“( (tank chocolate) in combination with our trademarked Zotter lettering has been circulating on the Internet for many years now, resembling a Zotter hand-scooped chocolate. According to the image, the chocolate should contain laurel and pervitin, a drug containing metamphetamine, which was handed out to soldiers during the Second World War to make them more efficient - "handmade in the Hermann Göring chocolate factory". However, this Panzerschokolade never existed.

Zotter distances itself with all clarity from this brand and reputation damaging misrepresentation, which establishes a non-existent connection between our company, founded in 1999, and the Nazi regime. Due to a lack of journalistic diligence, this misrepresentation has unfortunately already been adopted without reflection in print and TV media, which we are legally pursuing.

Since this picture can also be found on several web servers, some of which have been there for years, we have also taken the direct way of communication here and asked the respective webmasters to delete it. However, the original source could not be found and unfortunately the picture still appears in search engines. Again and again we are addressed by customers and dealers on it.

If you should have come across a picture of the Panzerschokolade with Zotter trademark during your research, let us know via e-mail to Please help us to prevent further distribution. Note: As of now (September 25, 2020), new montages ("memes") including the fake Panzerschokolade are circulating on the platforms Reddit and 9gag. We have already received about 50 e-mail messages about this and have handed over the two sources to our lawyer. Thank you very much for your support!