• CHOCOshots

    Innovation with a delicious fun factor: pure Zotter fillings in syringes for an exhilarating kick, clear mind and no side effects. All ingredients in fairly traded organic quality. Wrapped in medical-style packaging, ‘patient info leaflet’ enclosed.

    Storage Instructions: This is the first Zotter creation that has to be stored in the refrigerator. Before eating it, however, the CHOCOshot oral should be allowed a half hour to return to room temperature. That is when the aromas are optimally developed and most effective.

    12 ml syringes

    FRESH PRODUCT: CHOCOshots oral convince with their freshness and thus provide a phenomenal flavour experience that our customers love. Because of their short shelf life, it is advisable to order CHOCOshots oral more frequently and therefore freshly. Shelf life: minimum 3 to 8 weeks from shipping date (see product details for more information).