Wagyu Ragout with King Oyster Mushrooms, Red Wine and Yuzu

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280 g jar
 contains alcohol
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Product Description

100% organic, grass-fed and outdoor-raised - directly from the Edible Zoo

Wagyu beef, derived 100% from our own organic Wagyu cattle at the Edible Zoo, browned in Wagyu drippings and deglazed with a generous dash of red wine, which evaporates during the cooking process. The exclusive Wagyu beef takes centre stage here, accompanied by King Oyster mushrooms and a refreshing spritz of Yuzu, which has the wonderful flavour of sun-ripened clementines and originally hails from Japan - just like the Wagyus themselves. Of course, there are some tomatoes and herbs in the mix as well.

Thoroughbred Wagyu cattle are happily thriving in the pastures at our Edible Zoo. Wagyu beef counts among the most sought-after and most expensive beef varieties in the world. It is particularly tender and marbled. Our animal keepers had to attend special courses in order to be able to care for the Wagyu. You can visit our Wagyu herd at the Edible Zoo and see for yourself how they’re doing.


Zotter Organic Ragout
280 g jar

Shelf life: 6 weeks from shipping date
Store refrigerated (below 10°C) and consume within a few days after opening.

Base price / kg: 31,79 €

Packaging dimensions: W: 70 x H: 110 x D: 70 mm


Wagyu Ragout° with king oyster mushrooms°, red wine° and yuzu° (contains alcohol)

Ingredients: Beef jus° (32%: water, beef bone extract°, red wine° [contains SULFITES], vegetables° [contains CELERY°], garlic°, tomato paste°, sunflower oil°, spices°, herbs°), Wagyu beef°(29 %), king oyster mushrooms° (17%), onions°, red wine° (5%: contains SULFITES), tomato paste°, Wagyu beef fat° (2%), rock salt, garlic°, yuzu juice° (0.3%), potato starch °, herbs°, spices°, chilli "bird's eye"°

°from certified organic cultivation

Reference to allergens

Nutritional information

Energy kcal 80 kcal
Energy  kJ 334 kJ
Fat 4,3 g
of which saturates 1,5 g
Carbohydrates 2,2 g
of which sugar 1,3 g
Protein 6,9 g
Salt 0,50 g

Average nutritional value per 100 g