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Labooko KostBar
 alcohol-free  vegan  vegan
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Product Description

4 different, dark chocolates with a very high cacao content
A treasure trove full of high-percentage chocolates. Each cacao variety is comprised of up to 600 different aromas, and we tease out each and every one of them at our chocolate factory, bean-to-bar – from the cacao bean to the finished, sublime chocolate bar. Discover all the different flavours of single origin chocolates made with fine flavour cacao from the very best cacao-growing regions in the world.

100% Madagascar
Conching time: 36 hrs.
A pure, 100% single origin bar, which will open up a new world of cacao to your palate, entirely without superfluous sugar or milk add-ons. An authentic cacao indulgence, powerful and natural. Experience the aroma explosion of this fruity-citrusy cacao from Madagascar, shaped by the terroir of an island that has some of the most fascinating biodiversity in the world. Flavour profile: notes of red berries, roasted nuts, wood, cream and coffee

90% Bolivia
Conching time: 22 hrs.
A single origin chocolate with 90% cacao and 10% raw cane sugar for all those who like clear lines and don’t do compromises. It’s created with El Ceibo cacao – a rare bean only available in very small batches. We travelled to Bolivia, met up with the cacao farmers and were given this unique cacao. A rare cacao privilege!
Flavour profile: notes of nuts, coffee and cranberries

82% Peru
Conching time: 20 hrs.
Criollo is the best cacao bean in the world, but unfortunately it has become exceedingly rare. In Peru, a vintage cacao variety has been preserved, and its fruit contains 30% of the legendary white Criollo beans. This bar is a fine cacao blend mixed by Mother Nature herself, conserving a veritable jewel of a cacao source. Enjoy this top of the range single origin chocolate with a surprisingly mild flavour despite a whopping 82% cacao content.
Flavour profile: mild cacao with notes of nuts, biscuits, raisins and grapes

80% Colombia
Conching time: 12 hrs. • FMR (Fine Mist Roasting)
Viva Colombia! This dark single origin chocolate with an 80% cacao content, sweetened with 10% raw cane sugar and 10% muscovado sugar showcases a fascinating Trinitario and Criollo cacao, cultivated by a tiny, female-run cooperative located in the mountain region of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
Flavour profile: mild fructose, hint of rum, molasses and dried yellow fruit


135 g package (4 x bars)
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Base price / kg: 58,52 €

Packaging dimensions: W: 55 x H: 123 x D: 25 mm


Collection of dark chocolate bars° and a 100% cocoa bar°

cocoa mass°*, raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*, whole cane sugar°*
Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 80% minimum

*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 100%
°from controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, gluten, sesame and soy.

Reference to allergens

Nutritional information

Energy kcal 615 kcal
Energy  kJ 2545 kJ
Fat 51 g
of which saturates 31 g
Carbohydrates 21 g
of which sugar 12 g
Protein 12 g
Salt 0,02 g

Average nutritional value per 100 g


  • 20 Pcs: 5%
  • 100 Pcs: 10%
  • 300 Pcs: 15%
  • 700 Pcs: 20%
  • 1000 Pcs: 25%