• Lollytop

    Chocolate lollies for kids

    Cuddly on the outside and colourful on the inside since every single Lollytop shines in another colour, naturally deriving from the fruits, nuts and cocoa.

    Lollytops are the first chocolate lollies which are exclusively ORGANIC and FAIR.

    The chocolate for our Lollytops is produced to the same high standard as for our Labookos, but in a more playful format. Our Lollytop range is created with the finest cocoa, pure cocoa butter as well as milk from organic mountain farmers in Austria’s Tyrol region, whose cows graze the meadows of the Wilder Kaiser alps at 1400 metres. The strawberry bar’s intense colour is derived naturally from the fruit we use and isn’t too sweet. All our ingredients are organic and fair trade, which should be a given for children’s products but unfortunately rarely is.

    Most children are natural environmentalists – they prefer organic produce and are invested in our planet’s future – so we’ve created Lollytops: they don’t ruin refined tastes and don’t upset the bellies of tomorrow’s idealists with sickly sweet candy.

    20 g lollypop
    Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date