• Mix dir eine eigene Schokolade

    Mi-Xing bar

    Your own chocolate mix for munching and for giving

    Mix your own chocolate. You can select from a wide range of different ingredients and stylishly decorate your chocolate with hearts, pralines, flowers, nuts and spices. Now there are even creamy, delicate fillings for your dream chocolate and soon new shapes including stars, hearts and pizzas as well as the classic chocolate bar.

    We pack your mix in a gift box and if you wish you can also create a message or attach a greetings card.
    All organic and fair trade – so you can munch and give with responsibility.

    You can select a maximum of 7 ingredients.

    Mi-Xing offers you fun, enjoyment and limitless scope for own creativity!

    Mi-Xing-bar starten

    A Mi-Xing bar contains at least 100 g chocolate plus the selected ingredients.
    Bar dimensions: 18.5 x 6 cm.

    Julia and Michi Zotter show you how the Mi-Xing bar works.

    Best of Mi-Xing bar

    You will find the most popular Mi-Xing bars for reordering here.

    Information about shelf life

    Shelf life of a Mi-Xing bar minimum 2 months from shipping date .