• Mi-Xing-bar

    Mi-Xing drink

    Mix your own drinking chocolate.

    One Mi-Xing drink pack consists of 7 bars of drinking chocolate. You can make all bars the same or you can mix them individually from the range of ingredients.

    We pack your Mi-Xing drink pack in a gift box and if you wish you can also add a personal message. 
    All organic and fair trade – so you can enjoy and give with responsibility.  

    Mi-Xing offers you fun, enjoyment and limitless scope for own creativity!

    Mi-Xing  drink mixen

    A Mi-Xing drink contains at least 100 g chocolate plus the selected ingredients.
    Bar dimensions: 18.5 x 6 cm.

    Julia and Michi Zotter show you how the Mi-Xing bar works.

    Information zur Haltbarkeit

    Die Mi-Xing bar hält mindestens 2 Monate ab Auslieferung.