The mix for kids with funny shapes.

Your favourite chocolate to make your own car-, dog-, flower-, cow-, fish- and mouse-shaped delights. Select a shape and your favourite chocolate variety. You can choose a great filling for your chocolate and decorate it with multicoloured hearts, flowers, nuts and spices.

We pack your mix in a round gift box and if you wish you can also add a personal message.
All organic and fair trade – so you can munch and give with responsibility.

You can select a maximum of 7 ingredients.

Mi-Xing offers you fun, enjoyment and limitless scope for own creativity!

Start your Mi-Xing kids

A Mi-Xing kids pack contains at least 100 g chocolate plus the selected ingredients.

Julia and Michi Zotter show you how the Mi-Xing bar works.

Information about shelf life

Shelf life of a Mi-Xing bar minimum 2 months from shipping date.