Information in case of damaged goods

Dear customer, thank you very much for your order!

In case that your parcel - against all expectations - arrives in damaged condition, the delivery service requires the following documentation. Please note that all claims must be made within 5 working days of receiving the shipment.

  • Photo(s) of the outer shipping box (even if it is not visibly damaged!)
  • Photo(s) of the delivery service tape (e.g. repacked etc.), in case items are missing
  • Photo(s) of the address label with the consignment number of the damaged shipping boxes or the inner boxes in which the damaged items were packed           
  • Photo(s) of the filling material of the outer shipping box
  • Photo(s) of the damaged items

Please send these photos including your customer number by email to:

In case that the deadline of 5 working days is missed and the required photos are not sent to us, unfortunately no liability can be claimed according to the terms and conditions of the delivery service. Depending on the extent of the damage, a return of the claimed items can be requested.

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