Print Information

Your print files

Print file: PDF

Resolution: print quality
with a minimum resolution of 300dpi
if possible, create outlines 
Colour mode: print files have to be in CMYK, i.e. 4C colour mode or greyscale. Anything deviating from this standard will lead to colour discrepancies in the printed product. 
Data format/bleed:  3mm added bleed including crop lines 
Punch: hide or edit out the punch
, if it’s visible, and don’t save it with the print file.

We will not assume any liability when it comes to designs involving white: white is extremely susceptible to dirt. You can still opt for a white sleeve at your own risk, but we will not acknowledge any liability in that case, and you will not be able to exchange.

Obtaining full and unrestricted usage and printing rights for any sleeve designs and/or image material lies solely with the client. Zotter will not assume any indemnity or responsibility to check image or design copyrights and will also not assume any liability for design and image material obtained and/or used illegally or without the appropriate usage rights.

In case of noncompliance to these stipulations, we will not assume any liability for the finished print result. 

Our print version

Print: 4C print CMYK (NO inside print)
Inner flipside print: 1C print or 4C print

Digital print quantity up to 1000  
Offset print quantity above 1000 

Please note: there may be slight colour deviations as a result of digital printing.


For the design of chocolate bar sleeves, we recommend the use of established graphics programmes. If you don’t have one at hand, we’re happy to help connect you to graphic artists we use, who will be able to work with your own design in return for a flat rate fee. 

More complex sleeves for products like Mitzi Blue and CHOCOshot should be entirely produced by a professional graphic artist.