Your Personalised Design

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Print file: PDF
Resolution: print quality with a minimum resolution of 300dpi
Type: if possible, create outlines 
Colour mode: print files have to be in CMYK, i.e. 4C colour mode or greyscale. Anything deviating from this standard will lead to colour discrepancies in the printed product.
Data format/bleed: 3 mm added bleed including crop lines 

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Your edition • your personalised packaging

Personal gifts are always a hit!!

Personalised chocolates are ideal as a delicious gift, giveaway or a very special business card for all occasions. At Zotter, you can design your own individual chocolate edition. If your sweet message corresponds with the recipient’s taste, it’s an effective and very classy gesture. You decide on the look and we deliver the product.

Our service: batch delivery/storage

You can have large amounts of wrappers printed and then order chocolates in smaller batches with us, according to your requirements.
We can store the wrappers for you for up to 2 years, but we produce the chocolates fresh for each batch delivery, so they have a longer shelf life.
Payment is due immediately upon order for the printed wrappers; the invoice for the chocolates will be sent to you after each batch delivery.

Hand-scooped chocolate, your design

Hand-scooped Chocolate

The original • filled chocolate • 70 g

From a quantity of 50

Our hand-scooped chocolates and their wonderful flavour compositions have become legendary. Filled with seductive layers, stacked one on top of the other, they are an impressively intense taste experience. ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE.


Hand-scooped Chocolates Minis  Your Design

Hand-scooped Chocolates Minis

The perfect giveaways • 20 g

From a quantity of 100

Our popular hand-scooped chocolates as mini 20g bars, with wonderfully delicious centres, classic with nuts and nougat, boozy with Marc de Champagne or playfully fruity with a yummy berry filling. ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE.


Labooko your design


Pure chocolate indulgence with tons of advertising opportunities • 2 x 35 g

From a quantity of 100

The Labooko packaging can be opened like a book. The inside flaps present a ton of space for your story, pictures and messages. Our Labooko range has garnered many awards, and here, in one packaging, you get 2 of these supreme chocolates that you can combine any way you like. ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE.


Labooko Single your design

Labooko Single

Pure fine flavour chocolate as a single • 35 g

From a quantity of 100

Our pure chocolate highlights are also available as Labooko Singles. At the Zotter bean-to-bar factory, Josef Zotter transforms fruit, nuts and exclusive cocoa varieties from select regions into award-winning fine flavour dark chocolates, milk chocolates, white chocolates and incredible nut bars. ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE.


Labooko Mini Your Edition

Labooko Mini

Pure chocolate minis • 8 g

From a quantity of 1.000

Our pure chocolate highlights are available as chocolate minis as well – we have dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, vegan alternatives and our fabulous cranberry bar, its very berry flavour and stunning colour derived entirely from fruit. All of them can be used as sweet and very original giveaways. ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE.


Mitzi Blue your design

Mitzi Blue

The trendy eye-catcher for your business • 70 g

From a quantity of 100

The round chocolate bar created with a surprisingly cool chocolate mix, beautiful decor and an environmentally friendly sleeve. ORGANIC + FAIR TRADE.  


Zotter Sample boxes for B2B

Sample boxes

Directly orderable in the online shop

Let us convince you of the taste of our chocolates and choose your favourite for your own edition from our sample packs. Order directly in the online shop.


Your chocolate edition by Zotter

Create your own design for a personalised chocolate packaging! For corporate gifts and events or private festivities of all kinds.