Edible Zoo

Organic adventure farm & food culture

The Edible Zoo invites adults and children alike for animal pleasures and relaxation.

Explore our adventurous organic farm experience, where endangered animal breeds live and regional fruit and vegetable varieties thrive. In our Organic Deli you can find delicacies from the Edible Zoo and our home-made desserts. Our Hot Dog Stand and Courtyard Grill offer small dishes and drinks for take-away.

The Edible Zoo is an outdoor experience: organic, up close and personal! Alongside fascinating nature and sustainability experience, time for relaxation, the zoo also offers fun and action with a giant slide, farmer’s golf and an adventure playground. 

»Look the Food into the Eyes«

Animals and plants are creatures and no products. Therefore we intend to treat them with love and respect. Being self-sufficient and autonomous had always been Josef Zotter’s dream. With the Edible Zoo, he has made his dream come true. Now he asks all visitors to choose from our menu in the Deli or Hot Dog Stand, in order to enjoy what is thriving in the Edible Zoo. Species-appropriate animal husbandry on 95 hectares (27 hectares are directly behind the chocolate factory), with rare animal breeds, energy-autonomous, and a closed ecological cycle.

With the Edible Zoo Zotter places an emphasis on transparency, sustainability and innovation.

The admission to the zoo is included in every Choco Tour - all you need is some time to immerse into the idyll.