Josef Zotter mit Kakaobohnen

Organic + Fair Trade+ Green

Fair Trade

Since 2004 Zotter has been a permanent licence partner of FAIRTRADE Austria. Zotter acquires the basic raw materials such as cocoa and cane sugar from fair trade in organic quality. Since according to Josef Zotter, “as cocoa processing company we carry the responsibility for the living and working conditions of the cocoa farmers in Third World countries. Fair trade creates opportunities for small farmers and plantation workers in the producing countries. They are able to emancipate themselves from fluctuating world market prices and establish their own self-determined existence in which child labour and environmental exploitation are foreign words.” Learn more.

Think Green

Zotter’s success is living proof that ecologically and socially sound business practices are economically viable. Zotter is one of the most sustainable companies in Austria. The company’s holistic concept, which follows on from the decision only to use organic and fairly traded ingredients, is evolving and progressing continuously. Learn more.