Chocolate for school

770 children receive a warm meal every single school day.

50 cents of each Chocolate Banana sold goes to the amazing »Chocolate for School« project in Madagascar, which finances school lunches for 770 children aged between 6 and 15. In cooperation with »Jugend Eine Welt«.

As of April 90,000 bars have already been sold - thank you!

You can find further information and an opportunity to donate money at

Chocolate for School

A chocolate for kids that tastes good and lends a helping hand.

Madagascar – beautiful but underdeveloped
The African island of Madagascar is famous for its singular flora and fauna, but when it comes to poverty, it’s not usually one of the countries that we think of, even though it counts among the poorest countries in the world. Around three quarters of its 27 million inhabitants survive on less than 1,90 dollars per day. We buy fairly traded organic cacao and fairly traded organic vanilla from Madagascar and have even visited our local producers. This is why it makes us very happy to report that our cooperation with the »Jugend Eine Welt« charity helps the children of Madagascar a great deal.

The project: school lunches & education for the children of Madagascar
The public education system in Madagascar is massively under-financed. Some kids don’t go to school at all or drop out of primary school early in order to contribute to the family income. Yet education is the only path out of poverty. At the Ijely and Antoby project schools, 770 pupils receive a warm meal at school every day. Children getting their lunches at school is often the most important reason for their parents to send them there. The kids can fill their bellies and at the same time get a proper education, which will open up a better future for them. All educational materials for pupils and teachers are provided as well, so there’s no shortage of notebooks and pens.

With your purchase of our »Chocolate for School« bar, you support this project and the children in Madagascar!
Together, we can make a positive impact and enable the kids of Madagascar access to healthy nutrition and a good education. One meal a day is essential and the absolute minimum a child should receive. From chocolate bar to blackboard, together we can make a difference in these children’s lives!