• Personal Edition: Handscooped Chocolate 70g

    Eigene Edition Handgeschöpft

    Flavour assortment: 20 different varieties (more varieties on request)
    Shelf life: minimum 3 months from shipping date
    Minimum order quantity: 100x or more
    Delivery period: 12 – 15 working days (starting from offer confirmation and print approval)

    • Paper: Cyclus Print, Naturpapier, 130 g
    • The inside of the sleeve can also be printed at an additional charge
    • Spot colours and gold embossing: available for orders of 1000x or more and at an additional charge
    • Self-printing possible
    • Total dimensions: L: 122 x W: 55 x H: 11-14 mm
    • Motif dimensions: L: 116 x W: 40 mm

    Download Templates 

    Hand-scooped chocolates 70 g
    Optionally as a PDF, EPS, InDesign or JPEG

    Inside (in case you would like to design it as well)

    Indication: The background of the templates have been designed with the classic, black z o t t e r frame. You don’t have to keep it.

    Only the recipe box must remain empty.


    Postal Shipping Cartons for your Customised Chocolate

    You want to send your chocolate gift by mail individually and keep it safe and protected? Simply order the custom-made shipping cartons for one hand-scooped chocolate.

    On the outside: white, laminated corrugated cardboard
    On the inside: brown, sturdy and light, easy to close
    Includes a cardboard window to insert your chocolate
    Delivery period: 5 – 8 working days
    Dimensions: L: 240 x W: 122 x H: 19 mm