• Personal Edition: Labooko 2 x 35g

    Labooko Personal Edition
    • Ideal: 2 side wings with space for text
    • Ideal: business card which can be inserted (fixed dimensions: 100 x 45 mm)
    • Selection of flavours: 8 different varieties (see below) (Further varieties on request)
    • Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date
    • Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces
    • Delivery time: 12 - 15 work days (from the confirmation of the offer and the printing release)
    • Environmentally friendly paper, matt, 250 g
    • The inside of the package band may be printed for an additional charge
    • Self-print is not possible
    • Spot colours, gold embossing and business card (100 x 45 mm): for at least 1000 pieces and an additional charge
    • Total dimensions: L: 120 x W: 52 x H: 12 mm
    • Motif dimensions: L: 116 x W: 52 mm

    Template for downloading

    Labooko 2 x 35 g
    Optionally as a PDF, EPS, InDesign or JPEG

    Inside (in case you would like to design it as well)

    Indication: We have designed the background of the templates in the classical black which you do not need to adopt.

    Only the "z o t t e r" lettering needs to be maintained and the recipe field needs to be kept free.